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I do not have a Company Registration Code
If you don’t have a Company Registration Code or you don’t have it with you please contact your company representative or contact CSN on or call +61(2) 8256 1770

I have forgotten / lost my user name and password
Click on the box marked Forgotten your account details and you will be told how to re-set your password.

I do not have a scanner available to be able to scan my receipts and documents.
You can still enter your claim. However we will need to contact you later to get the necessary information.

The web form does not have provision for my type of claim
Please contact CSN on and give some details of the sort of claim you have.

The currency selection list does not cover the currency that I want to use.
The list we provide covers most currencies - please make sure you know the three digit code for the currency you want to use. If you still can't find it please continue with your claim without entering the amounts and we will contact you later.

I have forgotten my ID number
You can complete your claim without entering this number

I have visited several countries but the website will only allow me to select one.
This is because you are using and older version of your browser. Please upgrade your browser version if possible. If you are unable to do this please send a message to CSN by clicking on the Contact box at the bottom of the page and give a list of the countries you have visited.

I don’t have receipts for the items I have lost or had stolen.
Please attach any other documents or photos relating to the lost items - this can be bank statements or credit cards statements or photos of the items or photos of the original packaging. If you don't have anything all we will contact you later as we may not be able to complete your claim. We will need to talk to you about your special circumstance

Will my details be kept private?
CSN is committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our content, and services via the Internet Claims Service. Please view our Privacy Policy for full details.

HELPExperiencing issues using the site? Please click here to tell CSN about your problem.